7 Best Ancillary Cannabis Business Ideas For Budding Entrepreneurs

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Ancillary business opportunities provide entrepreneurs with options to profit from the success of the cannabis industry. This guide explores some of the top choices. 

The cannabis industry is forecast to experience exponential levels of growth over the next few years. In 2020, the cannabis market size was approximately $20.47 billion. According to fortune business insights the market reached more than 28 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach $197.74 billion by 2028. This massive surge is expected due to the expansion of legalization across the US as well as in different countries around the world. Whether for medicinal purposes or recreational use, the perception of cannabis is changing. This is true for the public as well as for governments. 

If you are an entrepreneur, then profiting off this market growth should be one of your goals. You might assume that to do this, you need to open your cannabis dispensary and sell products. This is an expensive and long process. It requires you to apply and claim the right licenses. There is also a certain level of risk involved. 

Instead, you could operate and run an ancillary business in the cannabis sector. Ancillary businesses are side companies that provide support and services to other businesses. Call handling services and payroll solutions are two examples of ancillary businesses. They provide solutions that other companies depend on. 

Ancillary businesses can benefit from the high demand for the original company. As such, it can pay to set up an ancillary cannabis company.  Here are some of the best ancillary cannabis business ideas for new entrepreneurs. 

There are a variety of ancillary businesses, integral to the functions of the cannabis industry as a whole. 

Digital Marketing 

Similar to every other business and industry, the cannabis sector requires the right level of marketing. The vast majority of cannabis transactions are completed online. Cannabis companies require marketing services including:

  • SEO 
  • Content creation 
  • Link building 
  • Web design 

Digital marketers that provide services to cannabis companies tend to specialize in that area. Cannabis promotion is still deemed a sensitive topic. As such, it must be approached from the right angle. Marketers must also put the right strategy in place to reach the key target audience. According to Buzzfeed, most US consumers spend more than $50 per month on cannabis-related products. This is only accomplished through the right marketing. 



Security is a key component of the cannabis industry. The product is left vulnerable to theft without the right level of security and protection. In some cases, security is also a legal requirement to ensure that products do not fall into the wrong hands. Every business operating in the cannabis sector will require security, including:

  • Extraction labs 
  • Cultivation centers
  • Dispensaries 

A key benefit of working in the security industry for cannabis companies is that you will not require a sales license. The process of setting up your business will be far more straightforward. 



The cannabis industry is creating plenty of jobs. In 2019 alone, the cannabis industry was responsible for more than 33,000 new jobs according to Leafly. This means that cannabis companies are constantly in need of more employees. Building the right team is essential to ensure that processes remain efficient. Cannabis companies commonly depend on the support of staffing services including:

  • Specialized recruitment agencies
  • Temp agencies
  • Human resource management teams 

New entrepreneurs will pay to ensure that they get the right team straight out of the starting gate. 


Packaging Companies 

Cannabis companies are selling a product. That product needs to be packaged and displayed correctly. This isn’t just essential for marketing purposes. Cannabis companies also need to ensure that their products are stored so that they aren’t damaged or destroyed on the route. Similarly, packaging requirements should meet the requirements of the target audience. Every cannabis product will require the right type of packaging from pre-rolls to flowers and everything in between. In some cases, the right packaging will be another integral aspect of keeping a cannabis company compliant. Businesses may also gain a competitive advantage from the right packaging. It can help them to establish a niche in the market. 


Software Solutions 

As with any business, it is important to ensure that a cannabis company is managed in a way that maximizes efficiency levels. To ensure this is the case, cannabis companies must invest in the right software solutions that businesses provide. Owners of cannabis companies will not be aware of the different types of software that is available or how it could benefit them. If you are running an ancillary business in this sector, you will need to demonstrate how your products can help. Every cannabis business can benefit from the right software solution. 


Consumption Equipment Manufacturing 

Consumers use cannabis in a variety of ways. Many consumers choose to utilize consumption tools. These tools allow them to get a more rapid impact from their cannabis. As such, you can make a substantial profit by setting up a business manufacturing consumption equipment. This could be suitable if you are keen to run an industrial business in the manufacturing sector. 

The surge in popularity of cannabis has undoubtedly led to an increase in products such as:

  • Trays
  • Bongs
  • Containers 

There are profits to be made with this type of ancillary business. 


Alternatively, you could consider providing accounting services to cannabis companies. To remain profitable, cannabis businesses must keep a healthy bottom line and accurate records. If you have the knowledge and experience to provide an accounting solution you can offer a vital service. Accounting will also be a key and significant point in the fiscal year such as when tax returns are due. Cannabis companies may be under more intense levels of scrutiny than other businesses. They would benefit from having records provided by a professional solution. 

As you can see, there are countless ancillary businesses relevant to the cannabis sector. These provide unique opportunities for new entrepreneurs to capitalize off the growth present in the cannabis industry. For more ancillary business ideas you can download our collaborative extended guide with Cannacraft Inc




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